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"I thought the Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting course was very interesting and I certainly learned from the experience. Your teaching style was engaging and you certainly were inclusive of everyone in the classroom. I entered the class to learn something new and to have good answers to interview questions such as "what have you been doing for the past 18 months?"

I certainly learned something new and my answer in a recent interview question which referred to a company's gross margin may have secured me a job offer which I was told would arrive by FEDEX this morning."
Former Student in the American Management Association Certificate Program

"My second semester was even better than the first. Marilyn (Glazer-Weisner) is a marvel!"
Former Student in Spanish II

"It was a great introduction to learning a new language."
Former Student in Italian I

"This is and has been a wonderful computer experience. It is far superior to others. Even at 80 learning is a joy."
Former Student in Word 2003 Workshop

"I have confidence it will help me boost my score on the SATs."
Former Student in SAT Math Prep

"Susan (Stark) was an excellent instructor. I would highly recommend her class to anyone."
Former Student in Spanish for Health Professions

"This instructor can teach anyone to dance and makes it a fun and comfortable environment!"
Former Student in Basic Ballroom Dance

"I loved the class and I loved how it was taught. It's left me craving more classes and I feel sad that this one is over. I found everything that was presented in this class valuable."
Former Student in Fundamentals of Interior Design

"Paula (Beaulieu) presented the course from a new perspective to me. I've taken several drawing courses over the years. This is the first time an instructor provided practice and information that emphasized creativity, ie: strengthening the right side of the brain was fascinating. I appreciated the larger amount of technical information and Paula imparted. Great course."
Former Student in Drawing Made Easy

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