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Dialysis Technician (XDT)
Required Courses

CSA342 Dialysis Technician
Under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses, Dialysis Technicians operate kidney dialysis machines, prepare dialyzer reprocessing and delivery systems as well as maintain and repair equipment. Technicians work with patients during dialysis procedures and monitor and record vital signs and administer local anesthetics and drugs as needed. Assess patients for any complications that occur during the procedure and be ready to take necessary emergency measures including administering oxygen and performing Basic Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Training of patients for at-home dialysis treatment and provides them with the emotional support they need for self-care. Note: This program does not include a national or state certification as part of its overall objectives. Federal Medicare law dictates individuals have 1,000 to 1,500 hours of work experience to sit for the exam. Additionally there is no student internship or clinical rotation offered as part of this program. Cost includes required textbook to be picked up, three days before the start of class. Prerequisites: (1)Reading Comprehension and Mathematics assessment testing (at the College's Center for Alternative Testing) is required prior to registration.

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