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Event Planning (XEP)
Required Courses

CSA064 Event Planning
Looking to become a successful event planner? Learn the fundamentals of event planning, exploring the various facts of an event planners? job, defining industry terms, and gaining practical insight into the valuable tools and resources available to help you succeed. Wedding planning will be covered.
CSA151 Event Design and Decor
Transform ordinary space to extraordinary space. By combining design elements from lighting and fabric to architectural structures and props, learn how to stretch your imagination. Embrace your personal style and unique vision by creating emotional moments that will have lasting memories for your clients. Whether it's a wedding, gala black tie dinner or a business conference, learn to carry a theme throughout your event space. Please note this is not an interior design course; it is geared toward event design only. Prerequisite: Event Planning.
CSA210 Corporate Event Planning
Learn how to create and coordinate successful events for the corporate world. Develop the skills and understanding to plan any size or type of event or meeting. Learn how to select the best vendors for catering, hosting, décor, entertainment, AV, and how to effectively negotiate contracts. Identify the procedures and responsibilities associated with being an effective Corporate Event Project Manager. Discuss various business events and how to implement a timeline of tasks to ensure success. Prerequisite: Students should have a basic understanding of event planning.
CSA332 Fundraising for Event Planning
CSA407 Accounting for Small Business
Fractions, statistics, compound interest, oh my! If these bookkeeping calculations along with depreciation and inventory make you fret then come join the fun of taking the mystery out of them all. A basic knowledge of Excel is recommended.
CSL122 How to Manage Conflict in the Organization
Conflict can destroy productivity and performance. Learn the practical knowledge, proven techniques, and psychological insights you need to resolve conflicts successfully. Respond quickly and effectively to issues as they arise, turn conflicts into constructive forces for improving your performance, and understand the fundamental processes and factors that cause and perpetuate conflicts. Textbook included.
CSL132 Take Control - Time Management
Learn proven time management strategies for increasing your productivity and efficiency. Discover how to use effective systems for setting and achieving your goals and reducing on-the-job stress. Applying the tools and techniques outlined here, you will be prepared to meet your contemporary time challenges and balance the demands of work and personal life. Textbook included

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