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Food Service Director (XFS)
Required Courses

CSA484 HACCP Manager
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a preventative system for assuring the safe production of food products. Learn principles and steps involved in designing a HACCP Plan. HACCP Plans used in the retail food business will be reviewed. Students should have a competency level of food safety equivalent to ServSafe. Textbook required: Available at the Danvers Campus Bookstore. Instructor: Peter M. Mirandi, a Registered Sanitarian.
CSA485 Intro to Culinary Arts: Part 1
Discover and learn hands on techniques of professional chefs. Explore basic culinary techniques including safe and handy knife skills, proper cutting techniques of fruits, vegetables, and meats. Identify herbs, spices, tools and equipment used in a professional kitchen. Hands on daily cooking demonstrations and individual participation in the seven cooking techniques of braising, roasting, sautéing, grilling, poaching, deep frying, and combination cooking. Create and taste your accomplishments at the conclusion of each class. To assure that proper sanitation guidelines are followed, this class requires that each student come prepared to cook. Comfortable clothing is suggested; sneakers or nonskid shoes, a baseball cap, and a fun apron. Please bring along your favorite knife from home. Happy Cooking! TEXTBOOK REQUIRED: Available at the Danvers Bookstore. A $95 perishable fee payable to the instructor at first class.
CSA487 "ServSafe" Food Sanitation
Learn the sanitation aspects of food safety and current regulations governing food establishments. Offered in conjunction with the Educational Foundation (EF) of the National Restaurant Association. Successfully complete the exam and be awarded a certificate and be registered with the EF. TEXTBOOK REQUIRED: Available at the Danvers Bookstore. Please buy at least two weeks before class and begin reading the text. Test administered on the last day of class.
CSA490 Nutrition for the Food Service Professional
Review the fundamentals of nutrition, with attention to the digestive system, nutritional value of foods, and factors affecting food selection. Learn the basic principles of sound nutrition as applied to special dietary requirements throughout the life cycle and in certain disease states. Receive practical instruction on menu planning, food label literacy, and recipe modification. TEXTBOOK REQUIRED: Available at the Danvers Bookstore. Please review text in advance of class.
CSL122 How to Manage Conflict in the Organization
Conflict can destroy productivity and performance. Learn the practical knowledge, proven techniques, and psychological insights you need to resolve conflicts successfully. Respond quickly and effectively to issues as they arise, turn conflicts into constructive forces for improving your performance, and understand the fundamental processes and factors that cause and perpetuate conflicts. Textbook included.
CSL132 Take Control - Time Management
Learn proven time management strategies for increasing your productivity and efficiency. Discover how to use effective systems for setting and achieving your goals and reducing on-the-job stress. Applying the tools and techniques outlined here, you will be prepared to meet your contemporary time challenges and balance the demands of work and personal life. Textbook included
CSL146 Leadership Skills for Managers
Gain the tools and skills to lead your team to superior performance. You will focus on five leadership skills: providing direction, leading by example, enabling others, sharing power and seeking a better way. Textbook included

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