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Interior Design (XID)
Required Courses

CSA149 Window Treatment & Soft Furnishing Design
Learn to design curtains and soft furnishings. Knowledge gained will help you design treatments to suit any style, decor, and budget.
CSA242 Fundamentals of Interior Design
Discuss new construction, renovations, and provide the information required to enable designers to work with architects and to read/understand blueprints; provide basic knowledge of space planning, lighting, kitchen and bath design overviews; flooring selection and installation; study of imported and designer area carpets and rugs; and current trends in wall treatments and finishes. Consists of instructor lecture, guest lecturers and distributed materials. Materials list will be emailed a week prior to class starting. Prerequisite: Principles of Design
CSA402 Residential Interior Design Studio I
Learn the technical requirements to complete an interior design project. Explore floor planning, color and material coordination, and furniture schedules. Complete project boards that will become part of your professional portfolio. A materials list will be distributed at the first class. Prerequisite: Introduction to Drafting for Interior Designers.
CSA403 Drafting for Interior Designers
Learn the basic fundamentals of drafting, the tools of the trade and how to use them, and what is needed to provide a crisp, clean, legible drawing. Learn how to draw floor plans, elevations, and sections; how to measure; and how to read scales and architectural plans. Portable drafting table will be required (discussed at first class). Prerequisite: Principles of Design.
CSA408 Textiles and Materials
Learn the large spectrum of fabrics available to the interior designer. Explore fabric make-up, aesthetics, durability, maintainability values, appropriate application to specifications, and how to create finish schedule charts for residential and commercial interiors.
CSA616 History of Furniture Styles
Explore the extraordinary styles from Ancient, Renaissance, Georgian, Victorian, French, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Decor, and Contemporary periods. Identify their unique motifs, ornamentation, construction, and styles that are still classics today.
CSA617 Residential Interior Design Studio II
A continuation of Interior Design Studio 1. Incorporates more complex interior design problems and solutions.
CSA694 Color 3D Part I: Less Theory, More Practice
Throw away your color wheel. Forget the tedious theory exercises that you?ve done in the past. Here's your opportunity to practice the spatial properties of color that will give you control over the visual outcome of your interior designs. Working with paint, flooring and fabric samples, as well as a color drawing medium, students will solve three dimensional design problems by applying the color principles that are the tools of the interior design trade. Be ready to be amazed by the power of color and the ease with which you can master the visual art of illusion.
CSL122 How to Manage Conflict in the Organization
Conflict can destroy productivity and performance. Learn the practical knowledge, proven techniques, and psychological insights you need to resolve conflicts successfully. Respond quickly and effectively to issues as they arise, turn conflicts into constructive forces for improving your performance, and understand the fundamental processes and factors that cause and perpetuate conflicts. Textbook included.
CSL132 Take Control - Time Management
Learn proven time management strategies for increasing your productivity and efficiency. Discover how to use effective systems for setting and achieving your goals and reducing on-the-job stress. Applying the tools and techniques outlined here, you will be prepared to meet your contemporary time challenges and balance the demands of work and personal life. Textbook included
CSM280 Principles of Design
Line, shape, texture and negative space are only a few of the building blocks in the world of design. Strengthen your visual skills with hands on exercises in a constructive, friendly environment. Learn how to use the various elements of design (line, shape, texture etc.) along with how to apply the basic principles of design (balance, contrast, rhythm etc.) in order to create well designed works of art, graphic compositions, web designs, interior spaces, or exterior landscapes. Open to beginners and more experienced students in any visual field.
CSP511 Sketchup an Introduction
Designed to teach the fundamentals of both 2D & 3D computer aided drawing. Emphasis will be placed on fully understanding the SketchUp interface and inference system. Lectures, tutorials, and in class assignments will guide you through the use of SketchUps drawing, construction, and modification tools. By the end of the course you will have a 3D model constructed of groups & layers which will be ready for further development in the Level 2 SketchUp Course. FLASH DRIVE REQUIRED. Students must activate their Campus Pipeline Account prior to first class.

North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.

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