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NSCC Professional Education

Interior Design (XID)
Program Description

Certificate of Completion Noncredit (CN)

Be equipped to enter the professional field of Interior Design. This program will become a stepping stone in exploring further degree programs, help you move into a more senior position in a firm, channeling your knowledge and creativity into an entry position in the Interior Design field.

In the seven required courses, you will learn basic drawing skills, drafting symbols, line quality for designing plans, presentation boards, and schedule layout. Learn the design development process along with the history of styles and selection of appropriate finish materials and fabrics. A.D.A. compliance and fire codes will be covered. Once you have successfully completed the necessary courses, petition Corporate and Community Education in writing so your transcript can be evaluated and your certificate awarded.

For more information, contact us at (978) 236-1200 or ictt@northshore.edu .

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