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Nonprofit Management (XNM)
Required Courses

CSP115 Microsoft Excel Level 1
Shave off hours of your work time! Create budget and expense reports by entering and copying formulas and functions. Format spreadsheets with different fonts, styles, shading, and color. Create and print colorful bar, line, and pie graphs. Use the database functions to sort and print records. TEXT BOOK & FLASH DRIVE REQUIRED: Available at the Danvers and Lynn Bookstore. Must have some experience with Windows and the keyboard. Students must activate their Campus Pipeline Account prior to first class.
or  CSP165 Microsoft Excel Workshop
Learn to create multiple spreadsheets, enter formulas and basic functions, absolute a cell and use it in a formula and apply specific formats to cells. Preview and set up spreadsheets for printing and working with multiple charts will be covered. FLASH DRIVE REQUIRED. Must have some experience with Windows and the keyboard. Students must activate their Campus Pipeline Account prior to first class.
CSA240 Financial Recordkeeping for Nonprofits
An introduction to nonprofit accounting (fund accounting), the basic means of recording and reporting financial information for their Board, Executive Director, contributors and State and Local governments. Discover the uses and limitations of such financial statements and related information and apply analytical tools in making both business and financial decisions. Topics examined include those related to financial position, operating results, cash flows, and financial strength. Study the basic accounting systems and learn how various accounting alternatives for recording financial transactions impact on the usefulness of the information provided for decision-making.
CSA275 Marketing and Promoting Nonprofits
Get your nonprofit and your cause noticed! Reach new supporters and better connect with and engage current supporters, volunteers and donors. Explore best practices and case studies in nonprofit marketing and gain hands-on tips currently being used by nonprofits to engage stakeholders. Discuss the three objectives of promotion and the tools of the promotional mix and how it impacts the nonprofits.
CSA276 Ethics and Nonprofit Practice
Explore critical aspects of ?best practices? in nonprofit organizations, such as ethical issues that impact accountability and transparency. Topics include codes of conduct, ethical decision-making, mission and vision statements, and the role of non-profit leadership in maintaining ethical standards and practices.
CSA277 Legal Issues and Goverance in Nonprofits
Learn the legal requirements and policy implications for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits play an important role in our society and have unique legal. Topics will include state law issues, governance models, director fiduciary responsibilities, liability concerns, dissolution, state attorney general oversight and regulation of charitable solicitation and fundraising practices. Review "best practices" and ways for nonprofit organizations to demonstrate accountability to its donors and other stakeholders.
CSA285 Social Media for Nonprofits
Target Audience: The course is designed for adult learners seeking to gain a basic understanding of social media for nonprofit orgranizations. This course is best suited for learners with a basic understanding of how nonprofits operate. Prerequisites: None. Level: Introductory Estimated time to complete: 3-5 hours Fee: $79 In this self-paced, online course, learn to use social media in communicating, marketing, public relations, and fundraising for nonprofits. It explores the major social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest) as vehicles for nonprofits to reach their members, volunteers, and donors, and discuss the importance of each. Learn how social media can be used to better engage a nonprofit's audience and outline the key questions nonprofits should consider as they become involved in social media including the strengths and weaknesses of different social media platforms, the costs involved and the measurement of effectiveness. To register, please visit http://community.northshore.edu/online/mindedge.html.
CSA291 Board and Volunteer Development
CSA346 Fundraising and Development in Nonprofits
Nonprofits need funding to become sustainable. Learn about the many methods of fundraising and development from grants to special events to online giving. We will differentiate fundraising from development, examine trends of the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts such as revenue streams, and create the case so you are prepared to make the ask. Discuss the importance of donor retention and engaging the board and volunteers to generate revenue.
CSA347 Stategic Planning Workshop
Strategic plans help provide a clear focus and alignment of resources to improve efficiency and effectiveness in an organization. Discuss key terms and concepts and learn the components of a strategic plan, and understand the importance of leadership, vision, and mission, as part of the plan. Learn how to develop an action plan, and implement, monitor, measure, and evaluate a strategic plan. Review strategic plans of other organizations. Get started on developing your own.
CSA354 Crisis Management Workshop
Crises occur often in organizations: Natural disasters, sexual harassment charges, product call backs, and various types of criminal acts all require effective communication with internal and external stakeholders. Examine crisis communication tools and frameworks to understand the communication flow. Discuss key concepts and principles of crisis communications, the importance of leadership, communication, and advanced preparation, and the impact that culture has on crisis communication success. Understand the difference between routine emergencies and crisis. Will also cover elements of an effective communication plan by analyzing crisis scenarios and how you would respond to them.
CSA657 Principles of Managing a Nonprofit Organization
Introduction to all aspects of managing and leading a nonprofit organization to increase organizational effectiveness and sustainability.. Topics include reviewing the current state of the nonprofit sector, the basics of developing a mission statement, understanding the role of the board, fundraising, marketing, financial management, planning, and sustainability. Examine and analyze what other nonprofit orgranizations are doing through class discussions, handouts, and online research.
CSA700 Grant Writing for Nonprofits
Learn the essentials of grant writing including how to compose well-developed, succinctly written grant proposals. Learn how to read and understand grant language and requirements and how to research, identify and approach appropriate funding sources with an effective message. Come to class with AGM forms downloaded from http://www.agmconnect.org/cpf/
CSL173 Planning and Running Effective Meetings
Focus on the organizational and interpersonal skills you will need to lead highly productive meetings. Learn how these skills apply to routine staff meetings, cross-functional or problem-solving meetings, impromptu get-togethers, and more formal information sharing. Learn how to assess the quality of meetings in your organization so you can understand their true cost. The benefits of successful meetings are better decision-making, broader buy-in, and clear conflict and problem resolution. In short, more effective meetings make your organization more productive! Tuition includes AMA text.

North Shore Community College reserves the right to make changes in courses, program requirements, policies, and regulations as circumstances dictate. There is no guarantee that any listed course will be offered in any given semester.

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